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Jayasurya, Nyla Usha, Aju Varghese, Rachana Narayanankutty, Innocent, TG Ravi, Maala Aravindan, Edavela Babu, Sunil Sukhada, Shivaji Guruvayur, Thesni Khan, Sreejith Ravi, Ponnamma Babu, Leeshoy and a host of others..


Story, Dialogues, Direction – Ranjith Sankar.
Produced by – Jayasurya and Ranjith Sankar.
Banner – Dreams N Beyond
Screenplay – Ranjith Sankar, Anil Kurian, Abhaykumar
Cinematography – Sujith Vasudevan
Editing – Lijo Paul
Music – Biji Bal


Every promising entrepreneur thinks that he or she has the next big business idea…’Punyalan Agarbattis’ is the story of one such young entrepreneur from Thrissur - Joy Thakkolkaran. Joy is a rooted guy who believes that there is no other city in the world like his home town…A city which rejoices and celebrates as one. Joy is one who will never give up and always has a new idea when his back is right against the wall. Failures at business are not new to Joy, but he dreams of the day when he would make the cut…

Joy’s new business venture ‘Punyalan Agarbattis’ proposes manufacturing ‘Agarbattis’ from Elephant Dung. He has successfully tried it with good results. Fragrance and quality of Agarbattis have pleased those who tried the samples. Joy thinks it’s usp is good mosquito repellant capabilities.

Having embarked on his journey, Joy faces the biggest challenge in terms of Raw Material i.e. Elephant Dung. His best friend and right hand man in the struggle is Greenu Sharma, who sees Joy as his hero and truly believes that Joy is just a turn away from success. Their camaraderie and friendship is a guiding force when all the chips are down..

Joy’s dreams are strengthened by his wife, Anu. She is a smart young woman who is a ‘Customer Service Professional’ at Vodafone. She understands Joy’s business aspirations and wants him to pursue it with freedom, while she keeps the other end steady with a regular income. Anu is innovative as she creates campaign ideas at Vodafone and has the knack to successfully canvass customers. She loves being part of a Multinational telecom company like Vodafone and thrives in the professional environment there.

Joy’s advocate – Sai is a tough nut to crack but always melts at Joy’s undying spirit. She fights Joy’s cases and does not get much in return. Sai is well aware of Joy’s financial struggle with limited means. The factory and the struggle through which it goes, soon makes it a collective dream for all involved – Joy, Anu, Greenu, Sai and many more..

‘Punyalan Agarbattis’ puffs and pants with Joy struggling to convince different apprehensive parties like elephant owners and devaswom, to get his share of Elephant Dung to make his product. There is no respite. Finally, things begin to look up when court orders a long standing case in favor of Joy, which would allow steady flow of Raw Materials to his factory. Joy is elated.

Then a day dawns, the events of which turn the tables upside down for Joy… ‘Punyalan Agarbattis’ comes to a screeching halt. Everything lies shattered with no cover to hide. Joy suddenly has an entirely new set of people and problems that now threaten to derail his juggernaut…

Will Joy’s undying spirit come to his rescue?
Will Joy give up on his dream of ‘Punyalan Agarbattis’?
Will Joy find a divine intervention to solve his problems?
Will ‘Punayalan Agarbattis’ ever become a brand name that reaches people?
Watch out for ‘Punyalan Agarbattis’ at your nearest theatres soon…

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